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"you ask we answered" is an outreach of Forgotten Word Ministries
We welcome your questions concerning the Bible, Doctrines, Beliefs, Ministries, etc.

Our Writers
Bob Wise

Bob is the founder of Forgotten Word Ministries  (forgottenword.org), and YAWA (youaskweanswered.com).  Bob is a semi retired preacher and has been very active on the Internet since 1999 when he founded Forgotten Word Ministries.  He currently has approximately 220 radio broadcast which are available on the internet at www.forgottenword.org    Bob lives in Golden, Illinois with his wife Julie and his son Joey.
John Lowe

John was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and was saved / baptized at Inwood Baptist Church (Southern Baptist Denomination) in Raleigh. John has participated in several ministry roles over the years including: Fill-in Preacher, temporary Youth Minister, Sunday School Teacher / Director, and music ministry. John also had a website ministry, “Keeping it Simple”, from 2002 until 2016. In parallel to this effort, John had a show on local radio, along with an Internet Radio station, and a podcast. John currently resides in Raleigh, NC. with his wife and three children.

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youaskweanswered.com is dedicated to


Biblical Answers To Bible Questions

sent to us by our readers.
We do our our very best to be directed by the Holy Spirit to provide as complete and Biblically accurate an answer as possible.
If, you find we have made a mistake...please let us know.  We are always anxious to learn more about God's Word.


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