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Is Slain in the Spirit Biblical?


Is this Biblical or is this an act of strictly man-made emotional display or maybe even a false act of someone being deceived by an evil spirit instead of the actual Holy Spirit of God?
slain in the spirit benny hinn
I want to make mention first off what the Holy Spirit actually is. The Holy Spirit is not a force and it's not actually a power of God.  The Holy Spirit is God himself.  The Trinity of God is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  And we know that the Holy Spirit has been sent here by Jesus to be our helper. He is to be our comforter. He is to give us the wisdom and knowledge to be able to understand the Scriptures. He convicts us when we sin.  We've all experienced that in the past. We all have experienced when we do something wrong we know in our heart and in our mind that it's wrong.  This is the Holy Spirit trying to get your attention to let you know that that deed or the act that you've done, the thoughts that you've just had are wrong.  They are not of God. The Holy Spirit is also our counselor.   He gives us the ability to know what to say and when to say it.   We have to remember that the Holy Spirit is Holy.  All three persons of the Trinity of the Godhead are Holy.  God is Holy, we know that Jesus is holy and we know that we call the Holy Spirit is Holy.   But, we sometimes forget that he truly is Holy and so many have taken the Holy Spirit to a level and a realm that is not Biblical.   Many expect the Holy Spirit to  react their beck and call. But the Holy Spirit actually abides, lives in us to help make us more Holy.

Now there are different aspects of the Holy Spirit that we should be aware of. We can walk in the spirit. We find that in Galatians 5:16-25 I believe it is. We can pray in the Spirit, that's in Ephesians 6:18.  We can have the power of the spirit we find that in Acts 1:8. We also can be led by the Spirit.  We find that in Galatians 5:18. And then the last that I would bring up is that we can also be filled with the spirit and we find that in Ephesians 5:18. I have looked in the Bible and I can find nowhere to be found, examples of what people today call slain in the spirit. Now I know we can be sad and grieve, that's in Ephesians 5:19. Normally when we grieve in the Holy Spirit is because we have sinned and we know that we were wrong.

Now I've looked in the Bible and all I can find are examples of people when they encountered God or they encountered an angel that they either fainted and fell to the ground or they fell upon their face before God or the Angel. Some examples of that is Chronicles 5:14, Ezekiel 44:4, John 18:6, Revelations 1:17 among others.

Now falling on your face before the Lord or before an angel is nothing like being slain in the spirit. I believe what Christians term today as being slain in the spirit is nothing but a human being's reaction that is based on false pretenses, bad teaching, bad doctrine and evil influences.

I have been to churches where people have exhibited what they call slain in the spirit simply because the preacher touched them. I have seen in person and in many videos people fall to the floor, fall out of their chairs where some of them lay like a dead person but others twist around like a snake, bark like a dog, shake and scream in all kinds of crazy ways. I have watched Mr. Benny Hinn wave his coat and hundreds of people in the auditorium claim to be slain in the spirit. I've watched videos of a number of preachers blowing their breath on someone and that person falling to the floor.

There's also many episodes of preachers claiming to be drunk in the spirit, where they stagger around like a person would if they were completely drunk on alcohol. There is even one preacher who called himself the Holy Ghost bartender. That gentleman is Howard Rodney Brown.

Another preacher claims to be stoned by the Holy Spirit. That particular person is John Crowder. He has done a number of sermons about toking with Jesus where he falls around blabbering like a fool and stumbling all over the place claiming to be stoned.
john crowder heretic false preacher
Now my contention in all this is that none of the acts that I've mentioned above are the results of the Holy Spirit of God.  They are man-made acts and desires brought on through demonic influences.

One thing we have to keep in mind is that God is not the author of confusion. First Corinthians 14:33 states that: for God is not the author of confusion but of peace as in all churches of the saints. Now if God is not the author of confusion. then who's the author of all the confusing crazy displays of what people today call being slain in the spirit? If it's not from God then who's it from? I contend there's only two forces that exist. These are the forces of good and evil. The force of good comes from God. The force of evil comes from Satan. Now many claim there's a big huge gray area in between those two forces. I can find nothing Biblically to support that stance. So many people think that unless it's a superiorly heinous act that is not evil, that it's just an act of man. I don't buy into that because I can't find it to be true from the Bible.

As mentioned above when someone does something wrong they know that it was wrong. They get a feeling and thought in their mind that it's wrong but they justify it by their own personal wants and wishes and their desire to be their own God or boss as many claim. So keep in mind exactly what I've stated here. There are two forces and two forces only, good and evil. It's up to you to decide which is which for you. You can choose good or you can choose evil, but keep in mind that your choice has to coincide with what the Bible says. Also remember the Bible teaches us very plainly that there will come a time when people will call evil good and good evil. This is taught to us very plainly in Isaiah 5:20, where it says "woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

Therefore, I would urge you to study exactly what the Holy Spirit of God is; exactly who the Holy Spirit of God is and exactly what the Holy Spirit of God's mission is in our lives.

Test the spirits said the Lord.  Learn right from wrong, good from evil, light from darkness and bitter for sweet. Know and learn which is which and who it comes from. Being slain in the spirit in today's world, in my opinion is evil, not from God himself but influence from Satan and his demons to distract you from who the true Holy Spirit is.

1 John 4:1 say: "beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

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